About Us

Animal Rescue is staffed by a small team of able and dedicated professional carers, who are supplemented by equally dedicated volunteers.

We take in and rescue cats and dogs and find them, wherever possible, suitable new homes. We get animals in for all sorts of reasons, from stray and abandoned to people moving house and unable to take them.

Our kennel block holds ten dogs and we have two isolation kennels, the dogs have free running exercise five times a day in our secure field.
We can take in a lot more cats and in the summer we are inundated with pregnant cats and un-wanted litters of kittens.

Each cat/kitten pen has heating and an exercise area and the main cattery having its very own cat conservatory where cats can enjoy some exercise and sleep in the sun!

We have a great relationship with the team at The Westmorland Vet Group in Kendal and all the cats are blood tested for Feline aids and Feline Leukaemia, vaccinated, neutered, micro chipped, flea treated and wormed before they leave us.

The dogs are given a health check, vaccinated, neutered, micro chipped, flea treated and wormed before they leave.


By far our biggest expense is our vet bill with the minimum cost of a cat being £120 and for a dog £80. This varies a lot as some animals may need more treatment than others. We sometimes get animals coming in needing major surgery so this all adds to the cost.

On average our vet bill amounts to around £20,000 a year. As a charity we are not allowed to sell the animals we re-home but donations are welcomed to help towards the veterinary treatment we give each animal.

Gift Aid

Is a great way to help charities raise more money without it costing you anymore! For every pound you give we would get an extra donation from the Inland Revenue. So if you would like to donate and pay UK income or capital gains tax, please let us know and we can send you a very short form to fill in.


We are always on the look out for people to come and spend some quality time with the animals, grooming them etc. If you are interested then please do give us a call.