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Enzo, 3 years, Staffie x
Enzo is a very handsome Staffie cross, he is very lively and very loving. Enzo is not enjoying being in a kennel and misses his human family a lot! He has played out well with other dogs here on site but he is quite boisterous and would rather be the only dog of his new home so he can get all the snuggles. Enzo doesn't realise his size bless him he loves to tuck right in to you on the bench and sits with his head and front legs on your knee. Enzo is clean in his kennel but he is strong on a lead and has never lived with cats or small furies so is looking for a new home without these.


Henry, 5ish years, DDB
Hello everyone, My name is Henry and I'm a very special chap. I sadly found myself in care after my human became very ill, sadly this had been going on for a while and they could not care for me properly. I have been at the shelter since mid August and they have been fixing me up good and proper! I've been scrubbed and dipped and visited Aunty Mary at Westmoreland vets numerous times and now my skin is healthy, my feet are no longer sore, my eye has been removed (They just couldn't make it better) and I have been neutered.
Everyone here loves me I'm such a great boy, I get on well with every human and furry friend I meet. I walk well on a lead and am house trained.
The thing is I'm looking for a very special home as the ladies here don't want to let me go! I need a foster home who is happy to stay in close contact with everyone here, who will love me, feed me and keep me warm and comfortable, but will take me to see Aunty Mary when I need it and keep my best interests at heart.
If you think you might be the home for me please give us a call so we can have a chat! I can't wait to meet you!


Mickey, 12- 18 months, Lurcher
This lovely big boy is Mickey, we can't believe he's still here bless him he hates the kennels and is becoming very stressed. Everyone who comes to see him says he's just a little too big. Mickey is a friendly playful young man. We think he has had a very bad time in the past, he had pressure sores on his joints, was under weight when he came in and he is fearful of sticks (or mops) we think he's been hurt by people in the past. Mickey loves his food and is proving to be trainable, he is non disruptive in his kennel but can't go 12 hours without a wee. We have no history on Mickey as he was abandoned on a fell but he is sociable with other dogs, if not a little boisterous. Mickey could not live with cats, birds or other small furies as he may have been used for working in his past.


Molly, 8 months, Spaniel cross
This little lady is very sweet. She has plenty of energy and gets on well with other dogs. She has been allowed to chase cats in the past but is only young and if you had a very confident unflappable cats she would soon learn to respect it. Molly is very trainable and eager to please but she does have a stubborn side, so needs a new family who are happy to put the time and energy in to helping her develop.
Molly is currently in season so will not be ready to go till she is completely clear. Her new home will need to stay in touch to organise spaying with our vets in 3 months time.


Mickey, 2.5 years old, Terrier
This wee man is Mickey 2, he is coming on leaps and bounds after finding himself in our care due to his owners ill health. He is doing great with his socialisation and recall and now loves playing with toys and other dogs. Mickey has not been used to living with children or other animals so would best suit a home as the only pet. He's a little cutie, but very much a typical terrier full of energy and character. He seems to be enjoying routine life here, is clean in his kennel and non disruptive when left for short periods of time.


Tat, 6 years +, Staffy
Tat is a sweet little Staffy who came into the shelter through no fault of her own. She came in with a lump on her side and under her eye and has been very brave and had these removed. She loves her walks and to play and gets on well with other dogs. Tat would need to be the only dog in her new home as she does get jealous when you give others attention.


Roger, 5 months, minature schnauzer
Roger is a very special puppy, he was brought into our care after his first owners had a change in working circumstances. He is a typical outgoing fun loving puppy who loves to explore and play. He is brilliant with other dogs, create trained and doing well with his house training. He is still very chewy but he is only a baby.
Roger has a heart condition which his previous owners paid for to be operated on, we would need to discuss this with any potential new owners and this is easiest done over the phone. We will not just be letting Roger go to the first home that enquires about him we are compiling a list of potential new owners that our homing committee will assess and invite to meet him. Roger will need to see our heart specialist at Westmorland vets so is looking for a local home or one who will be happy to bring him back to Kendal to see the vets when needed (at least annually)


Charlie, 7 tears, Staffodshire Bull Terrier
This handsome boy is Charlie, he is back in our care after 3 years, as his owner very sadly passed away. He is a big friendly boy who is not very happy here. He has had a lot of change recently and is lost to find himself here. Charlie is ok with other dogs but gets a little over amorous with female dogs. He's very much a people dog, and has never lived with children or another dog or cat.


Bobby & Ralph, 8 & 7 years, JRT
Bobby and Ralph are looking for a new home together. They came in together through no fault of their own and are greatly missed by their old owner. They are two beautiful little Jack Russell Terriers they are sociable boys whom enjoy their walks out in the field with a range of different dogs. They are quite stressed by life in the kennels but are coping well having each other for company. We would love these two to find their forever home together and would hate for them to be parted, they are partners in crime and best friends.
Bobby & Ralph, 8 & 7 years, JRT
Bobby & Ralph, 8 & 7 years JRT

LUCKY - Appointment pending

Lucky - Yorkshire Terrier x SBT
Lucky is a very sweet little girl, who deserves her 5* forever home. Unfortunately we don't have any history on this lovely lady, we believe her to be approx. 2-3 years old. She is due to be spayed over the next week here with us, and after this we will be taking appointments for her. She is fab with other dogs, and loves being out on walks in our field, but her most favourite thing in the world is snuggles with humans!! (she is excellent at this!!!!)

LEXIE - Reserved

Lexie, 14 months, Collie
Lexie is a sweet young girl with lots of potential. She has not had much done with her and does have a nasty habit of car chasing. She has lived with another dog but would bloom in a home of her own or with a very settled calm dog to be a good role model. Due to our proximity to the road we only walk Lexie on a lead in our field as we don't want to encourage her car chasing or for her to risk escaping (not that she has tried)She has been walked with other dogs, though she is not keen on terriers. Lexie is looking for a active experienced home with no young children or cats as she is not used to these.

LOU LOU - Now gone to her forever home

Lou Lou - Standard Poodle - 2years
Lou Lou finds herself in the shelter due to not getting on with one of the other dogs she lived with. She is a lovely natured, standard poodle, who has come a long way with her manners, and has had no issues with any of the dogs she has met while in our care.

ALFIE - Now gone to his forever home

Alfie, 3 years. Jack Russell
Alfie came into us due to his owners not having enough time for him. He has never lived with cats and can be boisterous around small children, so a home without small children would be best. He is currently working on his socialising skills with other dogs. He is a little over weight so he is on a diet to get him down to a healthy size. This would need to be carried on in his new home so someone who has experience with dogs would be preferred.
Update: Alfie is doing fab with his social skills, he plays out with lots of dogs and has very few issues, he's' a friendly happy boy who is loving his walks and having cuddles.

BROOKE - Now gone to his new home

Brooke, 10 years, Westie
This handsome chap is Brooke. He came into rescue through no fault of his own. He is a happy boy, who loves attention and to play ball. He is a little over weight so his meal portions are being controlled and this would need to continue in his new home. He is good with other dogs, has lived with children but would like a home with no cats.