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We have a litter of cross breed puppies looking for their forever homes. They are predominantly whippet cross puppies with quite a mixture in them proper little Heinz 57 pups.

We have Hilda the fawn female, Hetty the black female, Henry the black boy and Herbert the darker fawn boy. These babies are 7 weeks old and eating well. They will have their first vaccination on the 26th and be ready to go to their new homes the following weekend.
Herbert - Now reserved
Hetty - Now reserved


Nala, 3 years, Shar Pei
Nala is a 3 year old Shar pei. She is a beautiful girl who sadly hasn't been given the best start in life. She is incredibly loving and sweet but when she is outside she finds most things more exciting than the person walking her. Nala will need a new owner who is willing to put in the time and patience to make up for her lack of socialisation in her first years. We have let her meet other dog here on leads and she has been excited but fine, however Nala has been an escape artist in her previous home so we are unable to let her off the lead as we are surrounded by sheep.


Staffe Cross, 2 years
Pixie is 2 years old and full of life, she is great with other dogs and loves people she would be ok with older children as she can be quite boisterous.

Pixie has been in kennels far too long, she is one of the best behaved doggies we have in. Everyone who meets her falls in love but the right home just hasn't come forward yet.


Indie, 2 years
Indie is a beautiful Lab girl who needs an experienced new home. Indie is good with other dogs but has not lived with cats or children. India appears to have had some gundog training however is fearful of loud noises, she is super alert and has been known to bark at new things/people in her house. She has shown no signs of aggression just a very sheltered quite scared life so far. Indie is very lively and will need an energetic new owner who is willing to commit to her and give her time to adapt and learn what is expected of her in her new home.


Kaiser, 3 years, staffieXwhippet
Kaiser came to us with his friend Mitzee, due to an upsetting change in their owners circumstances. He has excellent recall, knows all his commands and has obviously has had a lot of effort put in to his training. Kaiser is a brilliant dog who is a bit confused as to why he has ended up here. We would love to home them together but as the chances are slim they can go separately.


Mitsy, 4 years, staffie
Mitzee came in to us with her friend Kaiser, these two dogs have wonderful manners and are brilliant with people and dogs. Mitzee loves her cuddles and does not want to be in kennels for long! We would love to see these two go together as they are great friends but we will separate if necessary.
Mitzee pleading for a cuddle at bed time, she is such a snuggle pot! How can you resist those eyes!

TIP - Reserved

Tip, 7 years, Jack Russell Terrier
Tip is in our care after her owner had to move house and couldn't take her with him. Tip has shown herself to be a lovely girl, she is very happy here playing out with other dogs and having lots of cuddles. Tip is clean and quiet in her kennel. She is still an active girl who loves her walks and play time. Tip is looking for a quiet home with no children as she is not used to living with them. She has never lived with cats either.

CASSIE - Reserved

Cassie, 2 years, Collie
Cassie is a beautifully marked, two year old border collie brought to us as she didn't want to work sheep. She is a very affectionate and very loyal dog. She goes for walks with our other dogs but is timid so does her own thing and looks to you for reassurance. Cassie will make a wonderful pet.

HARLEY - Reserved

Harley, 3 year, Dalmation
Harley is a 3 year old Dalmatian. He has had too many homes in his life already and is now looking for his forever home. Harley is not coping well in our kennel block and can often be found hanging out in the office. He has shown himself to be brilliant with people especially children, great with other dogs and not at all bothered by the resident cats. Harley has great recall and has had basic training, he is clean in his kennel, but strong on a lead.

We will be compiling a list of possible new owner for Harley and picking the best match for him as we don't want Harley letting down again.

ROGER - Now gone to his new home

Roger, 4 months, Springer x Dalmatian
This cutie is Roger. He can be shy when you first meet him but once he knows who you are, he is fine. He is good with other dogs and has lived with other dogs. He will need lots of exercise so an active family is much needed for him.

MOLLIE - Now gone to her new home

Mollie, 8 months
Mollie is our 8 month old Lab x Staffie. She is a bouncy happy young lady who is very enthusiastic about everything. She will need some basic training but plays well with other dogs and has lived with children (however she may accidentally knock over small ones)

UPDATE: Mollie has started her basic training and is learning well she has improved greatly with her recall and has mastered sit which she is practicing doing before doing anything to help with her giddiness. She is also learning lie down. She is a little star.

BANKSEY - Now gone to his new home

Banksey, 2 years, Shih Tzu
Banksey is our 2 year old Shih Tzu. He is a lovely boy but has had a bad experience in his previous home with older teenage boys, therefore is wary of men. He enjoys his walks and is good with other dogs, but we think he would be best suited in a home where he would be the only dog. He would also need someone who has experience with Shih Tzu's.