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ALFIE - Appointment Pending

Alfie 10 months Lab cross German Shepherd
Alfie went from here as a pup but has been returned due to the owners circumstances changing. He is a fantastic boy who gets on well with other dogs and animals in general. He does however have separation issues so this would need to be worked on in his new home.


Gus, 5 years, Greyhound
Gus is a lovely big fella, he has retired from racing and is now looking for his new family home. He is very loving and good with other dogs even small ones. He could not live in a home with cats or any other small furry animal or birds after all his training to be a racer. He walks nicely on a lead but still has plenty of energy. He is non disruptive in his kennel and only seems to bark when he is excited to see you.


Stan, age unknown, American Bulldog
Stan is only young between 8 months to a year. He is looking for a new home where boundaries will be put in place for him and he will get regular exercise. He has been good playing out in our field with bitches and got told off for his rowdy behaviour which he was surprised by but he did listen. He seems a nice young man who deserves a family to call his own.

Update: Stan is proving very responsive to treat training, he is walking well on a lead, has great recall, and loves playing fetch. He has mastered sit and is working on stay and lie down, he is eager to please and loves being praised.
Stan loves playing fetch

LILO - Appointment Pending

Lilo, 5 month, Working Springer Spaniel
Lilo has had a good start in life but sadly her owners realised early on they would struggle to meet her needs. She is a lovely young pup and is looking for a home where her brains and energy can be put to good use. She is clean in her kennel but does have the odd accident when she gets excited, she is good with other dogs but has not lived with cats or children yet so she would need training around these.


Chance, 9 months, American bull
This huge hunk of love is Chance, he is very cuddly and the class clown. Chance doesn't have the best manners as he doesn't realise he is too big to be leaping at you for a cuddle. He has lived with children but due to his boisterous nature he would be better suited to older children. He gets on fabulously with other dogs and gets told off regularly by our Lakeland terrier without any attitude back. Chance's only floor is he is very scared of men, this is something we are working on here at the shelter but he will need plenty of visits before he will be comfortable in their presence.

UPDATE: Chances manners are coming along great he is much better at sitting at your feet for a cuddle rather than jumping up. He is growing in confidence with the men who have visited him but he is not yet cured from his trauma.
He is such a happy good natured boy


Staffe Cross 20 Months
Pixie is 20 months old and full of life, she is great with other dogs and loves people she would be ok with older children as she can be quite boisterous.

CHICO - Reserved

Chico, 2 years, Terrier
Chico, 2 years, Terrier. This cheeky little chap is Chico, he has not lived with children, cats or dogs in his previous home. Chico plays out well with other dogs but would prefer to have his new family all to himself. He is house trained and just a lovely little chap. Chico's new owners need to remember he is a terrible terrier and if you give him an inch he will take a mile, he would benefit from a home who will treat him like a dog and not let him get away with naughty behaviour such as claiming the couch as his own!

JENNIFER - Reserved

Jennifer, 9 years, Pointer cross
Jennifer, 9 years, Pointer cross. Jennifer is a lovely girl who is a bit shocked to find herself looking for a new home. She is quite quiet and would suit a home where she can be the only dog, she socialises well but like to potter around by herself. She is very well behaved and clean in her kennel.

BOBBY - Reserved

Bobby, 9 months, Collie x Terrier
Bobby is a very nice young man, he is a little timid but being very brave. He gets on very well with other dogs (for a video of him playing with Jennifer check out our Facebook page)Bobby has not lived with children or cats in his previous home but he is young and clever and will learn quickly.