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Gus, 5 years, Greyhound
Gus is a lovely big fella, he has retired from racing and is now looking for his new family home. He is very loving and good with other dogs even small ones. He could not live in a home with cats or any other small furry animal or birds after all his training to be a racer. He walks nicely on a lead but still has plenty of energy. He is non disruptive in his kennel and only seems to bark when he is excited to see you.


Staffe Cross 20 Months
Pixie is 20 months old and full of life, she is great with other dogs and loves people she would be ok with older children as she can be quite boisterous.

CHLOE - Reserved

Chloe, Collie type, 11 years
This lovely old girl is Chloe, she is looking for a new home where she can be adored. Chloe is great with other dogs cats and children, she enjoys going for walks, is fully house trained and is a real sweet heart. Chloe has seen our vets and other than having sore ears (which are being treat) she has a clean bill of health.


Harley, 3 year, Dalmation
Harley is a 3 year old Dalmatian. He has had too many homes in his life already and is now looking for his forever home. Harley is not coping well in our kennel block and can often be found hanging out in the office. He has shown himself to be brilliant with people especially children, great with other dogs and not at all bothered by the resident cats. Harley has great recall and has had basic training, he is clean in his kennel, but strong on a lead.

We will be compiling a list of possible new owner for Harley and picking the best match for him as we don't want Harley letting down again.


Nala is a 3 year old Shar pei. She is a beautiful girl who sadly hasn't been given the best start in life. She is incredibly loving and sweet but when she is outside she finds most things more exciting than the person walking her. Nala will need a new owner who is willing to put in the time and patience to make up for her lack of socialisation in her first years. We have let her meet other dog here on leads and she has been excited but fine, however Nala has been an escape artist in her previous home so we are unable to let her off the lead as we are surrounded by sheep.

Photo to follow

BELLE - Reserved

Belle, 5 year, Terrier
Belle is a 5 year old terrier. She has sadly been returned to our care after growling whilst on the bed of her new owners. Belle is good with other dogs and older children but she would not be suited to living with a cat.

Belle will be seen by our vet on Wednesday to confirm she is in full health and then be ready to find her new home soon.


Mollie is our 8 month old Lab x Staffie. She is a bouncy happy young lady who is very enthusiastic about everything. She will need some basic training but plays well with other dogs and has lived with children (however she may accidentally knock over small ones)

STAN - Now gone to his new home

Stan, age unknown, American Bulldog
Stan is only young between 8 months to a year. He is looking for a new home where boundaries will be put in place for him and he will get regular exercise. He has been good playing out in our field with bitches and got told off for his rowdy behaviour which he was surprised by but he did listen. He seems a nice young man who deserves a family to call his own.

Update: Stan is proving very responsive to treat training, he is walking well on a lead, has great recall, and loves playing fetch. He has mastered sit and is working on stay and lie down, he is eager to please and loves being praised.

MAX - Now gone to his new home

Max, 7 month, Dalmation
Max is only 7 months old and we are his 4th home. Considering he hasn't had much stability he is a nice social young man. He has so much energy which is typical of the breed, he is clever and very friendly. He gets along well with other dogs but he is currently quite full on and does find himself being told off by other dogs. He will need lots of exercise as these dogs were breed to run along side carriages, he will also benefit from attending training classes.

ROXY - Now gone to her new home

Roxy, 1 year, Staffie
Roxy is a very sweet girl, she was very timid in kennels and so very luckily found a fantastic foster family where she has flourished. Roxy is living with 2 other dogs but if she had her own way she would be the princess of her own home. She is currently living with a 5 years old little boy and they adore each other. Roxy has been around rabbits and horses with out any issues.