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Enzo, 3 years, Staffie x
Enzo is a very handsome Staffie cross, he is very lively and very loving. Enzo is not enjoying being in a kennel and misses his human family a lot! He has played out well with other dogs here on site but he is quite boisterous and would rather be the only dog of his new home so he can get all the snuggles. Enzo doesn't realise his size bless him he loves to tuck right in to you on the bench and sits with his head and front legs on your knee. Enzo is clean in his kennel but he is strong on a lead and has never lived with cats or small furies so is looking for a new home without these.


Lexie, 14 months, Collie
Lexie is a sweet young girl with lots of potential. She has not had much done with her and does have a nasty habit of car chasing. She has lived with another dog but would bloom in a home of her own or with a very settled calm dog to be a good role model. Due to our proximity to the road we only walk Lexie on a lead in our field as we don't want to encourage her car chasing or for her to risk escaping (not that she has tried)She has been walked with other dogs, though she is not keen on terriers. Lexie is looking for a active experienced home with no young children or cats as she is not used to these.


Henry, 5ish years, DDB
Hello everyone, My name is Henry and I'm a very special chap. I sadly found myself in care after my human became very ill, sadly this had been going on for a while and they could not care for me properly. I have been at the shelter since mid August and they have been fixing me up good and proper! I've been scrubbed and dipped and visited Aunty Mary at Westmoreland vets numerous times and now my skin is healthy, my feet are no longer sore, my eye has been removed (They just couldn't make it better) and I have been neutered.
Everyone here loves me I'm such a great boy, I get on well with every human and furry friend I meet. I walk well on a lead and am house trained.
The thing is I'm looking for a very special home as the ladies here don't want to let me go! I need a foster home who is happy to stay in close contact with everyone here, who will love me, feed me and keep me warm and comfortable, but will take me to see Aunty Mary when I need it and keep my best interests at heart.
If you think you might be the home for me please give us a call so we can have a chat! I can't wait to meet you!


Mickey, 2 year, Lurcher
Mickey is a gorgeous boy, he steals the heart of everyone he meets! He was sadly found as a stray up on a fell and had very sore pressure points on his legs from sleeping on hard concrete floor. Mickey is clean in his kennel and social and playful with other dogs. Mickey has not yet been officially cat tested here but the ladies in the vets he came from said he had no issues being walked through their cattery. Mickey is a typical lurcher he doesn't like being left alone and finds kennels very stressful. He's looking for a sofa and fire to call his very own.

UPDATE Mickey sadly failed his cat test barking and being very interested in them


Jakely, 6 years, patterdale cross
Jakely is a very loving playful boy. He has lived well as part of a family and is fully housetrained. Jakely loves to play fetch. What Jake can't cope with is Labradors and for some reason probably from his past that he just can't tell us he is very uncomfortable around them and feels the need to protect himself. Because of this Jakely will need to be walked in public with a muzzle on. We have walked Jakely out with other dogs here on site and he has been a normal happy dog but when introduced to a Labrador he became very upset, he wasn't hard to handle but had he been off the lead the situation would have escalated quickly.
This means Jakely is looking for a very special home either where he will never have to meet a Labrador or with a caring owner who understands this issue and is willing to manage it for him.

ALFIE - Reserved

Alfie, 3 years. Jack Russell
Alfie came into us due to his owners not having enough time for him. He has never lived with cats and can be boisterous around small children, so a home without small children would be best. He is currently working on his socialising skills with other dogs. He is a little over weight so he is on a diet to get him down to a healthy size. This would need to be carried on in his new home so someone who has experience with dogs would be preferred.

RUFUS - Now gone to his new home

Rufus, 4 year, Collie
Rufus is a lovely lively boy. He came in to our care as he was not comfortable around young children, he has not been a working dog but he is stock proof however he is not keen on horses. He has been well behaved out in the field with various dogs and is always pleased to see you, he is house trained and loves to play fetch.