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Cats for rehoming

At Animal Rescue Cumbria we’re always pleased when someone wants to offer a home to one of our animals. We generally have lots of cats looking for new homes - cats currently in our care are featured below. First we will ask you to fill in one of our Adoption Enquiry Forms online. It's so that we know a little bit about your lifestyle, and can help you decide on the right cat to fit in with you as they all have different personalities and needs. We will invite you to visit the cat/s that meet your requirements and let you know as much as possible about them. We can’t ever promise that a certain cat will be a perfect match for you, but we try hard to ensure you’ll be as compatible as possible.

When you come to visit a cat:

  • We will ask to see at least one form of identification which must have your photograph on it and show your current address (you can bring 2 separate things if you need to)
  • If you rent your home we will ask for written consent from your landlord saying that they are happy for you to keep a pet on the premises. In cases where this is noted on the tenancy agreement, we’re happy to accept a copy of this.
  • If you have existing cats in the home we ask that they are neutered and fully vaccinated.

Taking a cat home:

  • Some cats are able to go to their new homes very quickly, while others need to remain with us until they have received medical treatment. We never allow a cat to go home on the first appointment - we will reserve your chosen cat/s but we will always ask you to sleep on it first and call us as soon as you are ready to confirm your decision.
  • We’re happy to hold a cat for up to 48 hours while you get your home ready for the new arrival.
  • When you take a cat home you will need to keep it indoors for 4-6 weeks even if it is eventually going to have free access to the outdoors. This is because cats need to learn that your home is their home before they have access to outdoors - otherwise they may not return when you let them out!


In general, the winter months see a lull in the number of kittens being born, and the spring is the start of the kitten season. We re-home the largest number of kittens over the summer months.

  • Please check our re-homing page for information on kittens that are available to be re-homed, but please remember that we are unable to reserve them for any significant period of time. We like kittens to find homes as soon as possible, this helps with early socialisation and also helps us to take in more kittens for re-homing.
  • We do not home single kittens to homes where the family is out all day, however we would consider allowing a pair to go together.
  • We do not home tiny kittens to families with children under school age however we would allow a slightly older kitten to go to a home with very young children.
  • Kittens should never be given access to the outdoors until they are fully vaccinated and neutered. Female kittens can get pregnant from a young age and un-neutered males will wander in search of a female.

Other things you need to know:

  • Adult cats will always be neutered before they are re-homed. Kittens may not be big enough to be neutered before they leave our care but you will sign an agreement to promise to have this done as soon as they are big enough and we will follow this up.
  • All cats and kittens are blood tested for FeLV and FIV whilst in our care.
  • All cats and kittens will have started their vaccination course whilst in our care.
  • All cats and kittens will be up to date with flea and worming treatments.
  • All cats and kittens are micro-chipped before re-homing.

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