8 years & 9 months

Alfie is cheeky terrier who is looking for home with a single adult and with no visiting children, he will need to be the only pet.

Alfie is a great little dog and is full of character but does have a few behaviour issues which we have been working on since he arrived at the shelter.  He can be worried about traffic - particularly tractors, vans and lorries - so would be best suited to a rural home where he wouldn't have to encounter much traffic on his daily walks.  Alfie gets on with most well mannered dogs as long as initial introductions are done sensibly - he does love a good play with our younger staff dogs!

Alfie has a history of resource guarding food, toys and his sleeping areas so is looking for a special new human who will take the time to understand how to manage this in his new home (full behaviour support will be provided).

If you think you can give Alfie the forever home he deserves, please complete our adoption enquiry form, giving as much information about yourself as possible.