(In foster)
5 1/2 years

Oz is a super special little terrier who we did briefly rehome, unfortunately he had a small fit and has come back to us. We have never seen any signs of illness before or since this, but we are looking for a very special home where he can be monitored while making progress with his training and getting to enjoy life away from the kennels.

Oz is a handsome little man, who finds himself looking for his forever home. He is used to living outside, but has done amazingly with his 'house training' within the kennel environment. He is a typical little terrier, more interested in whats going on around him than his recall for his owners, he can give the best cuddles though. He would benefit from someone who is willing to continue training with him to strengthen his bond with his new family.

If you can offer Oz the home he deserves, please click on 'make an adoption enquiry' and fill in the form. Please put as much information as possible about yourselves.