Community Support

Animal Rescue Cumbria is deeply rooted in our Lakeland community. Without your support, we would not be able to carry out the vital work we do, and we aim to give back to our community where we can. Here are some of the ways we can assist our community:

Feral and Farm Cats

We are often alerted to the existence of colonies of feral cats, some of whom require quite urgent veterinary treatment. Left to themselves, these colonies grow out of control. If you are aware of such a colony, we are able to assist with a Trap-Neuter-Return Project. We trap the cats humanely, arrange veterinary care and neutering (to ensure populations do not grow further) and return these cats to the location in which we find them. We do not re-home feral cats as professional advice is that the domestication process is too stressful for them, but we can work with young kittens to socialise and re-home them.

Excessive Numbers of Pets

We all love our pets and we recognise how easy it is to take in animals in need and then find ourselves overwhelmed. If you (or a relative or friend) find yourself in this position, we will work sensitively with you – with your consent – to help alleviate the situation by finding some or all of them loving homes. We will provide on-going support to help you manage the welfare of those animals you choose to keep.

Abandoned Kittens

If you find any abandoned kittens, please call us immediately for advice. If they are young enough, we can offer them safety and shelter, whilst socialising them in order to re-home them. Do not delay in calling us – the older they are, the less likely they are to adapt to domestic life.

Behavioural Advice

We can offer general advice on minor behavioural issues in dogs; at the moment, this advice is restricted to our adopters.

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