I am delighted to be a Patron of Animal Rescue Cumbria.  My mother, Betty Wainwright, worked tirelessly for Animal Rescue in the seventies and I will never forget her delight at finally managing to purchase a suitable property in 1984, funded by the generous donations from her husband AW.  Kapellan was a place where all the animals needing love, and re-homing could be cared for under one roof.  John and Dorothy Estensen ran it extremely efficiently and I felt AW and my mother’s dream had been fulfilled.

We always had both cats and dogs at home when growing up and although AW and my mother’s main love was probably cats, I have a particular love of dogs and at the moment have a very loving cockapoo who is a wonderful friend and companion.

Living in Edinburgh, I am not able to be a hands-on helper at Kapellan but keenly follow their progress and development.  It is wonderful to see it flourishing and I know my mother would be thrilled.  I am so grateful to the staff and volunteers for all their hard work to ensure its continued success.