Pet Food

We have chosen the very best in cat and dog food for your furry friends. Whether you feed wet, dry or raw, our flagship brands contain no grains, no rice, no fillers and no additives – all naturally hypoallergenic. Come in and speak with our team to learn how you can improve your pet’s diet and health. Available in store only.


Nutriment is a premium, raw feed which offers different recipes for cats and dogs. It contains no grains, no cheap fillers, no additives. Made from human-grade, British meat and fish, this is biologically the most appropriate food for your pet. This is our go-to option for pets suffering from allergies, poor digestion and certain behavioural issues. Ask us about special diet options, which we can order in for you.

Millies Wolfheart and Millies Lionheart

We chose Millies because dry and wet options are British-made, from human-grade meats, and contain none of the low-grade ingredients and fillers found in many well-known brands. Different, optimum recipes for cats and dogs. The cooking process for Millies is gentle and cooks at around 90 degrees, avoiding the ultra-high temperatures that destroy valuable nutrients. Natural, appropriate nutrition for cats and dogs.

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