Marion Yates


​I was delighted to be appointed a trustee of Animal Rescue Cumbria in 2017 and am proud to support the dedicated team of staff and volunteers at the shelter.

As a child, I spent happy hours dabbling in ponds, raising tadpoles and newts, and was fortunate enough to have a variety of pets – cats, dogs, hamsters, pigeons, rabbits and fish. Despite this, my parents despaired at the number of stray and injured animals I regularly brought home, not all of them requiring rescue! It was always my ambition to become a vet, but life took a different turn and I had very rewarding careers in the Royal Air Force and in Higher Education.

More recently, I have been drawn back to a career with animals and trained as a dog behaviourist; I now run my own business, working with owners and their dogs across the North West. Much of my work is with rescue dogs, helping their owners to give a dog a new start in life, and this is hugely rewarding.

As a Trustee of Animal Rescue Cumbria, it is a privilege to be part of a committed team, dedicated to the rescue and re-homing of cats and dogs in need across our region.

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