Sheila Mawer


I have had a long association with the charity for close on 40 years. I got to know Betty Wainwright when I came to live in Kendal. Before the shelter was started, Betty used to look after cats at Garnett Bridge and I helped her. When I retired from senior roles in education, I used to go up regularly to the shelter and help with the cats as a volunteer. As I got more involved, I was invited in 2010 to become a trustee. It has been a great privilege for me to have this responsibility. My more recent experience of being a trustee of Barnardo’s and a governor of a local school has widened my knowledge and understanding of governance. I have adopted many lovely cats from the shelter over the years and currently have Flora who is 5 years old. As well as being a trustee of Animal Rescue Cumbria I am also on the fostering panel for Barnardo’s and also a local authority. I feel very lucky to be spending time doing the two things I love most; helping as a trustee to facilitate the finding of forever homes for pets and finding loving foster carers for children who through no fault of their own are in care

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