Shop Volunteer

Meet Annie who helps and works in our charity shop. Annie helps our charity manager with many areas of the shop including serving customers and helping to restock our shelves. 

“I’m Annie and I applied to be a volunteer at the Animal Rescue Pre-loved for Pets Shop because I love animals, dogs in particular, and want to do what I can to support the wonderful work of the Wainwright Shelter. 

The shop is a really friendly place to be and there’s loads to learn, such as understanding more about nutritious foods for dogs and cats (as well as wild birds, budgerigars, hedgehogs, parrots and many more of our animal friends) learning about processing deliveries, accepting donations and helping people to understand gift aid and how by registering for gift aid they can support us even more. 

The natural treat bar is like an exotic menu and a definite favourite with our doggie customers with all sorts of wonderful tasty things to be explored.

It’s great to meet people coming into the shop to donate and purchase pet-related items – and our doggie customers too, coming to Bella’s for a grooming session or simply popping in to say hello. 

There’s so many different volunteering roles from: working in the warehouse managing the deliveries, donations and ebay/website orders, being on the shop floor to help  customers,  keeping the shelves stocked and organised, helping customers at the  till …..and  more.

In a nutshell, volunteering at the shop is great fun, and our shop manager Kerry is fabulous to work for – she is an absolute font of knowledge & supports us all. Annie ” 

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