I need an understanding owner who is around lots to help me settle into home life.

I need to live with another well-balanced dog to help with my confidence.

I need a rural home as I am not used to traffic or busy areas.

(Appointment Booked)
Border Collie
7 months old (approx)

Whisper is a shy girl that came to us as she didn’t make it as a working sheepdog. She is quite timid around new places but gains confidence from other dogs, Whisper would need to live with another well-balanced dog in the home. 

She needs a rural home away from busy roads and loud noises due to having little experience of being near these. 

Whisper would love a new owner to be around lots to help her settle into the home life, she’s never been in a house before and needs to start her house training and getting used to household noises. 

If you could offer Whisper the forever home that she deserves, please fill out our adoption enquiry form, please put as much information about yourself, your experience and your current/previous pets as possible.

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